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New Tab by TapPaw

New Tab by Tappaw is a new tab customizer that helps you improve focus, reduce distractions, and fight procrastination. Replaces the new tab page with a personal dashboard to help you live a healthy lifestyle, build habits, and achieve long term goals.

A beautifully simplistic New Tab page that includes:

➥ Advanced Google Search.

+ Suggest Queries.

➥ Tabs Manager:

+ Split Tabs.

+ Mute Tab / Unmute Tab.

+ Pin Tab / Unpin Tab.

+ Clear Cache for Tab.

+ Move Tab.

+ Duplicate Tab.

+ Search for Tabs.

➥ Clear Browsing Data.

➥ Offline Games.

+ Jigsaw Puzzle.

+ Slide Puzzle.

➥ Bookmarks Manager.

+ Search for Bookmarks.

+ Sort Bookmarks by Name.

➥ Extensions Manager.

+ Manage Extensions with Hashtags.

+ Search for Extensions.

+ Quickly Disable all Extensions.

➥ Downloads Manager.

+ Search for Downloads.

+ Delete all Downloads.

+ Show Downloaded Files in Folder.

+ Download Progress.

➥ History Manager.

+ Search for History.

+ Delete all History.

+ Recently Closed.

+ Most Visited.

➥ Cookies Manager.

+ Search for Cookies.

+ Delete all Cookies.

+ Edit Cookies.

➥ Work Offline.

➥ Change Background Color and Images.

+ Available more than 100 pretty wallpapers.

➥ Background Sound for Relaxation, Uplifting.

+ Mix up to 6 sounds with bass, dubstep, drum, guitar, violin, bird sound, owl, seagull, beach waves, rain, cricket, frog, etc.

➥ Blocker.

+ Reject URLs like Ad Blockers.

+ Block cookies.

+ Block images.

+ Block javascript.

+ Block notifications.

➥ Switch User Agent.

+ User Agent Manager.

➥ Switch IP by Proxy.

+ Proxy Manager.

➥ Password Manager.

+ Password Generator.

+ Password Encryption.

➥ Calculator.

➥ Offline Notepad.

+ Word Counter.

+ Character Counter.

➥ Todo List.

+ Organize work and life.

➥ Calendar.

➥ World Clocks.

➥ Alarm.

+ Help you to remember yours appointments.

➥ Countdown Timer.

+ Countdown to certain events, air date, etc.

➥ RSS Feed Reader.

+ One place to keep up with all your RSS feeds, blogs, podcasts and more.

➥ Font Changer.

+ Customize browser font size and font family.

➥ Custom Cursor.

+ Replaces default cursor with something cute. Change the usual mouse to an amazing custom cursor.

➥ QR Code Generator.

Coming Soon:

- Dashboard builder.

- Virus Scanner.

- Habit Tracker.

- Stopwatch.

- Deadline Manager.

- Weather.

- Color Picker.

- Two-Factor Authentication.

- Virtual Keyboard.

- Device Synchronization.

- Multi Language.

- Create App.

- SVG Editor.

- Sudoku.

- Tetris.

- Virtual Pet.

Install the New Tab extension for browser.

Firefox addon

Coming Soon

How to Use

There are four ways to access New Tab by Tappaw.

⓵ When the new tab opens, select the "Keep It" button.

⓶ In current tab, right click, choose "New Tab by Tappaw" menu. In the new tab, choose the action you want to perform.

⓷ In the Address Bar, press w key, then press the spacebar twice. Then enter a search term to find bookmarks or select a menu.

⓸ Open the pop-up window of this extension.

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